Who Buys Locks This Way?

Groupon.com has an interesting deal this week: for $39, you can get $79 worth of locksmith services at Lockbusters. The problem here is conceptual: people don’t buy locksmith services this way. Usually, there’s a lockout crisis and price is almost irrelevant (this offer isn’t valid for lockouts). So who the heck is going to buy locksmith services this way? It makes about as much sense as selling books by the pound.

Odd Offer For Half-Day Porsche Rental

Who in the heck would want to rent a Porsche — in New York City of all places – for a half day? I mean, good grief, it can literally take you a half day to get across 34th Street! Even worse, New York’s winter-ravaged streets are almost guaranteed to tear up the suspension on…

Gun-Crazy in New York City

At about 5 AM this morning, I received an e-mail from LivingSocial’s NYC Midtown division. The half-off deal was for a shooting lesson at the Westside RifleĀ  Pistol Range. By 9:30, the deal was over and sold out, proving that there’s insatiable demand among Manhattanites to shoot guns these days, notwithstanding various massacres that guns…

52 Percent Off the Cosmos

Looks like the real estate meltdown is turning into a trans-galactic affair. What else but depressed star values would have led the good folks over at Name A Star Live to be offering, through Groupon, a deal that lets you name a star for just $14 instead of $29.90?